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‘in a crisis, vital information-trading proliferates and demands conversation across many media.  Informal networks of knowledge sharing are central to the endurance and vitality of any intimate public.’  –  Lauren Berlant, Cruel Optimism
What is the queer (in) crisis? What is the relationship of queer individuals and communities to the current mode of experience?  What does crisis mean for queer people?  How does the experience of crisis affect our expressions of identity and modes of living?  This project aims to facilitate an engagement with and negotiation of the contemporary.  By bringing together queer voices in the consideration of crisis, we hope to build a queer body of work that supports critical vitality and bolsters political practice.
The project will act as an invitation for queer people to participate in the necessary conversations surrounding the experience of crisis.  It aims to provide a space to articulate the experience of stress, disorder, and all the incumbent catastrophes of crisis for queer people.  What does the financial crisis mean for queer people, and how do austerity measures affect queer experience?  Where do we as queer people position ourselves with respect to the environmental crisis, and why does this matter?  Is queer experience itself a mode of crisis, or does this posture limit queer potential?  What can queer people hope to gain from crisis?
This blog accepts written submissions but also alternative proposals such as artistic and performative interventions.  We hope this open discussion will build solidarity and establish alliances, impel queer mobilisations and community engagement, and even cultivate a community amongst those attempting to critically engage with the contemporary queer moment.
Please send all submissions to jidennis25@googlemail.com.

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